» Brazil Nut Oil

Scientific name: Bertholletia excelsa

Origin: Brazil, Amazon region

Plant characteristics: Large tree that can reach 50m in height and 2m in diameter, at the base.  Straight trunk, branching out only in the upper part.  Dark and crackled bark.  Dark green leaves, undulate and shiny.  Yellowish-white flowers, aromatic, appearing from November to February.

Fruit: Characteristically a spherical capsule, with a thick and hard surface dark brown in color.  When mature, the capsule releases seeds through the lower portion.  Each capsule contains between 14 and 24 seeds inside, surrounded by yellow pulp.  Mature from December to March.  Contains up to 67% in oil, obtained by pressing the seed, followed by filtering and refining of the oil.

Cultivation: Plant the seeds in deep holes in well-fertilized soil during the rainy season.  Prefers regions with warm and humid climate.

Properties: The oil is slightly yellowish, rich in fatty acid and vitamins.  Forms a film above the skin’s surface, preventing transepidermal water loss.  Promotes prolonged hydration of skin with a dry and light feel.

Uses: Rinse-off products, hair treatments, bath and after bath products, baby products.

Type: Crude and/or refined.

Packaging: In 180 liquid kg drums.


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