» Guarana seeds and powder

Scientific name: Paullinia cupana

Chemical composition: Roasted guarana seeds contain seven times more caffeine than coffee.  They also contain teofiline and teobromine.  Guarana presents a significant proportion of vegetable fiber (49%), starch (9%), while also containing vitamins, salts, and other substances.

Thereapeutic properties and uses: Guarana has tonic and astringent properties, acting particularly in the intestine against diarrhea.  The substances teofiline and teobromine together with caffeine affect the cardiovascular system, the central nervous system, muscles, skeletal structure, and kidneys.  It presents a stimulant effect in the circulatory system.  Aside from being a stimulant, guarana is also an anti-neuralgic, anti-diarrheic, and is also excellent in combating the flu, reducing fever, and as an analgesic.  Guarana can be used in products than tone and stimulate the body, and serves as a natural base for soft drinks, sodas, and for drinks with a low alcohol content.

Packaging: in new jute bags (50 liquid kilograms).




Guarana seeds

                  Guarana powder


Guarana seeds and powder  




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